Low-Income Plant Assistance Pilot Program



Solano County Water Agency Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program

Low-Income Plant Assistance Pilot Program

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018


The Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) is offering extra assistance to low-income households installing sustainable water-efficient landscaping.

In addition to the eligibility of $1.00 per square foot for converting grass turf to a low water use landscape, low-income households may also qualify for free low wateruse Solano County native plants.

  1. Eligibility
    1. The low-income plant assistance program is available to qualifying low-income households only.
    2. Rebate applicants must be currently enrolled in PG&E's CARE Program in order to qualify.
    3. Rebate applicants must attach a copy of their most recent PG&E bill with their Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program application, which shows enrollment in the CARE program. This is the only form of low-income documentation that will be accepted.
    4. Assistance Program applicants must still comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program.
  2. Steps to Participate
    1. Apply for SCWA's Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program.
    2. Furnish a copy of proof of enrollment in PG&E's CARE program on your latest PG&E bill.
    3. If approved for the Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program, your Notice to Proceed with state how many plants you are approved for along with information on how and where to pick them up.
    4. The number of free plants will be determined by the square footage of the area approved for conversion (2 plants per 100 square feet, up to a maximum of 20 plants).
    5. You must bring your Notice to Proceed to the nursery pick up location in order to claim your free plants. The voucher will be collected at the nursery. Free native plants cannot be picked up without this voucher.
    6. At the post-inspection visit, all plants picked up at the Davis nursery must be planted within the converted area.