Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee


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To protect, monitor, and enhance the resources of lower Putah Creek, within the framework of the Accord, while respecting property rights, serving as a forum for dialogue about issues, and promoting synergy among stakeholder in the Creek community.

Important Documents:

2017 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for LPCCC

LPCCC Report to Community (2006)

LPCCC Meeting Agendas

LPCCC 2015 Meeting Pattern Calendar

IRWMP Grant Application Relevant Documents

Winters Putah Creek Park Documents

1997-2009 Terrestrial Wildlife Monitoring Report

MAP VOL_Putah Ck Terr Wildlife Mntg Pgm 1997-2009_7-11-11

2014 Fish Monitoring Report

2003 Gravel and Temperatures Studies of Lower Putah Creek

2008 Putah Creek WMAP Priority Projects

Lower Putah WMAP Vol I

Lower Putah WMAP Vol II Map 12-05

Putah Creek JSA Temp

Lower Putah Creek Priority Projects Assessment and Evaluation Plan (PAEP) Final Report 

USCOE Hydrology Report for Winters

Chinook Salmon in Putah Creek, Spring 2004

connectivity models March2017

Bartoo, Bucknam & Truan_Oecologia_20180123

Trochet and Engilis 2013 CVBC Storer

Trochet_Extralimital breeding records Western Birds 2017

AsPublished_Dybala et al. 2018 - Evaluating Riparian Restoration Success Long-term responses of the breeding bird community

AsPublished_Dybala etal 2015_condor-15-41


2016 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for Lower Putah Creek

2013 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for LPCCC

2015 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for LPCCC

2014 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for LPCCC


Wildlife Survey and Photo

Putah Creek Council