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Water Wise House Calls

The Solano County Residential Survey Program is a FREE service available for high and moderate water users alike who live in Solano County and would like to save water. The home water use survey is conducted through the Solano County Water Agency and its survey team.

At your request, a team of qualified surveyors will meet with you at your home to analyze and break down high consumption months from your water bills. Additionally, the surveyors will work with you to identify areas of high water usage and show you simple and effective ways to save water indoors and outdoors. Beyond these initial steps, the surveyors will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the irrigation system
  • Review timer settings
  • Check for indoor and outdoor leaks
  • Provide information on conservation, landscape design, and rebate programs
  • Distribute free conservation hardware.

These surveys are designed for the highest water users in each city, and those ranked in the top 10% of their respective cities receive a letter. However, this service remains open and free to all Solano County residents. The benefits from a survey can be significant, including:

  • Reduced water losses—conducting a leak detection will identify and locate system leakage. Water savings will result when those leaks are repaired. Water that is saved is also realized in reduced utility bills. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are using a valuable natural resource in the most efficient manner.
  • Increased knowledge of water distribution in your home—the added familiarity of where and how water is used in your home helps families and residents respond to emergencies such as main line leaks more quickly.
  • More efficient use of existing irrigation system—reducing unnecessary water losses will help extend the longevity of the existing irrigation system. This could help defer the need to use more water, or install more sprinklers.
  • Improved public relations—neighbors appreciate seeing that water is being used wisely and efficiently by members in their neighborhood. Field teams carrying out water audits and leak detection tasks leave a favorable impression.
  • Reduced leak and equipment liability – conducting a water survey and leak detection provides better information for protection against expensive equipment replacement.

Call (707) 455-1113 to set up an appointment today!

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