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Residential Rebates


 Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate

Supported by a Prop 1 Grant from the California Department of Water Resources, the Solano County Water Agency is offering water customers an incentive to replace your lawn with water-efficient landscaping and receive $1.50 per square foot, up to $1500 maximum. Please read the 2022-2023 Terms and Conditions before you remove your lawn.

To apply:



*only submit a post inspection after you have completed step one and have received an approval notice from our team)

You may also download the Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Application form and mail it to the address on file or email it to After we receive your application we will contact you to let you know if your digital application has been approved or if we need to schedule a pre-inspection. *Please allow for additional time to process application if you submit it via mail or email.


Find all program information here.


New Rebates Available: Water-Conserving Products

The following water-conserving products are eligible for a rebate of up to $50.00 (or up to $250.00 for all five). Products that are parts of these systems but not listed here are not eligible. To qualify, products must be new and installed at single-family or duplex residential properties where water service is provided by a city utility. Click here for more information:  Solano Water Rebates.  To obtain an application please click here: Solano Water Rebate Application 2022-2023

The Solano High-Efficiency Washer Rebate

The Solano County Water Agency is offering a rebate up to $100.00 for the purchase and installation of a qualifying EnergyStar Most Efficient labeled high-efficiency clothes washer on the program’s Qualifying Product List.

Please review the Terms and Conditions and Access the application here

To apply to the program, complete the application and submit it to:

or mail to:

Solano County Water Agency,
810 Vaca Valley Parkway,
Suite 203,

This program applies to purchases made from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. 

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebates

Solano County Water Agency will rebate 50% of cost of eligible weather based irrigation controllers (WBIC) up to a maximum rebate of $300 for a residential site. SCWA will also pay each qualifying commercial customer a rebate of 50% of the cost of the WBIC up to 1) $300 for 4-12 stations, 2) $700 13-24 stations, 3) $1,000 for 25 or more stations

Please review the Terms and Conditions of the rebate program before purchase of a smart controller.

Access the application here

Please email the application and a copy of your purchase receipt to:

or mail to:

Solano County Water Agency,
810 Vaca Valley Parkway,
Suite 203,

This program applies to purchases made from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. 


Residential Water Survey


The Solano County Residential Survey Program is a FREE service available for high and moderate water users alike who live in Solano County and would like to save water. The home water use survey is conducted through the Solano County Water Agency and its survey team. Find all program information here.

Flume Smart Home Water Monitor

Purchase a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor for just $24 (plus tax and shipping)!  The Flume device is easy to install and attaches to your existing water meter.  Flume’s revolutionary device monitors your water through a mobile app and notifies you instantly if it detects excess water usage.  With Flume monitoring your indoor and outdoor water consumption, you will be able to save money, conserve water and protect your home from costly leaks.
*Not compatible in Rio Vista, Benicia or Suisun

Please Note

Toilet rebates are no longer being offered by Solano County Water Agency or by Save Our Water.

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