Landscape Assistance


The Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) is offering assistance to participants with disabilities and low-income seniors with the Landscape Assistance Program. Participants may reside in single family homes, multifamily residences, or in mobile homes within Solano County.

Applicants in this Program may qualify to have their existing lawn/sod replaced with a custom designed low water use landscape. This program offers an initial site inspection, lawn/sod removal, irrigation conversion, landscape design, new landscape installation, and restricted follow up maintenance. The landscape conversion project must meet the Agency’s current Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program Terms and Conditions. 

I. Eligibility

a. The Landscape Assistance Program is available to Solano County Resident’s with disabilities or are Senior Citizens of low income.

b. Applicants should submit supporting documentation along with their completed application (Examples Below):

· Driving placard

· ADA assistance dog registry

· Doctors Note

· Most recent PG&E Care Bill with copy of current California issued I.D

c. Project Site Address must be the primary residence of the Applicant and meet Site Eligibility requirements as described in the Terms and ConditionsLandscape Assistance Program Terms and Conditions FY19/20


II. Steps to Participate

a. Download an application form Landscape Assistance Application 2019

b. Submit completed application with supportive documentation as suggested.

c. SCWA will process applications on a first come first served basis. An initial site inspection will be scheduled in order to determine site eligibility*. After the initial site inspection, applicant will receive a Notice to Proceed if the site conditions meet the requirements to participate in the Landscape Assistance Program.