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Putah Creek Water Management Initiative

​What is the Putah Creek Water Management Initiative?

The Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee (LPCCC) is leading the Putah Creek Water Management (PCWM) initiative. The initiative will coordinate creek water use and distribution among all water uses, including riparian water right holders, groundwater recharge, fish, wildlife, and others. Water management concerns among Putah Creek water users includes diminishing water quantity, uncertain water reliability, fair creek use, and regulatory compliance.

The Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) is responsible for ensuring Putah Creek water flow and use complies with State laws. The LPCCC and SCWA are partnering to address Putah Creek challenges through the PCWM initiative. When implemented, PCWM will protect and enhance a functioning creek, support agricultural operations, and ensure environmental flow compliance.

The PCWM process is actively reaching out to growers, community organizations, the public, and agencies to gather and understand interests, priorities, and concerns. The PCWM’s objective is to identify solutions to address Putah Creek challenges that are informed by transparent stakeholder engagement, technical and scientific information, and laws and regulations.

Goals of PCWM

Fair Creek Management – The water is shared by many. PCWM strives to ensure that creek water remains available for all users by supporting compliant and fair water management.

Support Agriculture’s Need for Water Information to Plan their Operations –  The Creek is an essential seasonal source of water for growers. PCWM aims to improve water
predictability for planning agriculture operations in the region.

Maintain Environmental Flows – The Creek must be maintained for fish and wildlife. It is mandated by law for Putah Creek to have minimum environmental flows. PCWM is a critical step towards creating reliable flows in the creek.

Water Regulation & Compliance – The California State Water Board mandates all water agencies and water users comply with water regulations. SCWA is responsible for ensuring Creek flows and use is in compliance with State laws. The LPCCC and SCWA are addressing regulatory compliance through PCWM.

Upcoming Events

Are you curious about the future of Putah Creek?

  • Dive into Putah Creek’s History
  • Explore Current Creek Trends
  • Share Your Thoughts and Concerns about Putah Creek

Join us for an engaging and informative public gathering where we’ll delve into the Putah Creek Water Management (PCWM) initiative. This initiative is all about coordinating water use and distribution for everyone – from riparian water right holders to groundwater recharge, fish, wildlife, and more! 

Led by the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee, the PCWM initiative aims to protect and enhance Putah Creek while complying with water regulation. Help us gather insights, priorities, and input from growers, community groups, the public, and agencies, to find collaborative solutions that tackle the potential climate challenges Putah Creek faces.

Putah Creek is Changing

As the seasons shift and demands change, we’re facing pressing concerns – the availability and predictability of water in the creek. Unprecedented drought and flooding can make providing water for environmental as well as human needs challenging. 

For more information contact Guadalupe Garcia at guadalupe@aginnovations or at telephone number


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